Photography, as I know it.

Photography, I guess, has had a huge impact on the art of painting, rendering it more as a mode of expression than replication.  This, in turn, has seemingly standardized still life photography as commercial.

With the craze of smartphones starting to settle down, and the need for another gadget to be acquired poking up it’s head, the time is currently ripe for a boost in the sales of DSLRs in most of the developing countries (needs verification, but cannot be disregarded entirely 🙂 .. ) … and the usual suspects (Nikon, Canon, FujiFilm) have started making merry.

Being in the age of access to a plethora of theoretical knowledge online, I started researching about photography mainly as an attempt to understand how cameras work.

I bought my first working camera in March 2014 – a used Nikon F80, with a Nikkor 28-100G lens from a middle-aged guy who had moved to a more convenient point and shoot. I mostly shot Kodak Colorplus 200 for the first few months, as that’s the only film available in my city. Most of the pictures you see on this page are from this combination of camera and film. I’ve now started shooting B&W film only (got myself a used medium format camera as well), in a bid to develop and print pictures on my own, and it’s going pretty well, though B&W film’s hard to come by, and costly too.

For me, photography is 90% dreaming and 10% reality. For the most part, I like taking pictures to create for myself an image of a place I’d like to be in. Sometimes, I want to capture an emotional moment, and sometimes I want to say something – sometimes, I just want to see how the scene is interpreted by a machine. Of course, I just love the way the world looks through a viewfinder, lens open wide!

The picture of the Microwave towers against the sunset is the first of my images that I like a lot!

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