I am just another Software Engineer, trying to find a hobby that will help me express my thoughts creatively (read: that will feed my ego, dispelling that over-powering feeling of worthlessness).

I shoot film (almost exclusively B&W). I am no expert, but definitely want to help out my fellow film photography beginners – just doing my bit to ensure films are still available 20 years down the line!

The posts on this blog are intended to be mere guidelines, and not in-depth studies, on film photography – there already exist many great articles on the internet that will feed your need for theoretical knowledge.

Equipment voyeurs see below list.

Cameras  Nikon F80, Yashica 635 (80mm Yashikor), FujiFilm GS645s (60mm f/4), Olympus 35RC (42mm f/2.8), Crown Graphic  (Sch-Krz 135mm f4.7), Mamiya RB67 Pro S
Lenses     (only for the SLRs) Nikkor 28-100G, Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AFD and Nikkor 70-300G, Mamiya Sekor C set of 3 (65/127/250)
Tripod      SLIK F730

Let me know (ashoketewari@gmail.com) if you are from Bangalore, India and need contact information of businesses/individuals providing film development/scanning, and repair/service of your ‘old’ film camera.

My Flickr Page

Bangalore B/W film photography group that I’m part of

Me featured in shootingfilm.net … !

5 thoughts on “About

  1. SK

    This is great…hope this thread of light and shadows to the past get strong, so that it can hold the cradles of those photo artists of the future.. Thank you for sharing


  2. Abhishek Anand

    Hey! I’m glad that I found this blog. I too bought an old Pentax p30t. It’s great to shoot film and learn all the technical stuff. But unless we have our own darkroom, the hobby can drill a hole in one’s pocket. I shoot black and white film, and each Ilford film goes for around 500 rupees (+500 for developing + 15 rupees/photo). I want to learn the process but can’t find the chemicals.

    Well, I will keep trying. Keep writing. 🙂


    1. ashoketewari Post author

      Hey Abhishek … glad to meet another photographer who wants to shoot film!
      Regarding chemicals, I see that you live in Delhi, and there’s a few shops that still sell chemicals … all you need is a Dev tank, spools to load your film, a developer and a fixer!!

      Sterling Developer comes for Rs 60/- a packet and will make a liter of developer … Agifix Fixer comes for Rs 200/- for a 2 liter bottle (not sure about the exact volume) … the dev tank should come with a spool for anywhere between 1000/- to 2000/- … that’s an important investment … it’ll last for years!!

      Thanks for keeping film alive, all the best!!

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